Property Maintenance & Handyman Services in Norfolk

Professional Carpenter Doing Small Jobs

Property Maintenance & Handyman Services in Norfolk

Our property maintenance & handyman service in Norfolk comes with a high-level attention to detail, that’s mirrored through-out our whole business. Our professional expertise as a carpenter/joiner means we do all jobs properly and to a high-standard. (Even if it’s using the appropriate wall fixing to hang a mirror or picture on the wall.)

We pride ourselves on taking plenty of care when coming into your home, making sure that on every job, we are clean and tidy, use the appropriate floor protection and clear away any rubbish. We turn up when we say we’ll turn up and we’re happy to offer any advice you may seek regarding your home.

Furniture Assembly & Fitting

Sometimes it’s not feasible to attempt to DIY when it comes to furniture assembly and fitting. You may lack the time, the tools or skills to complete the task to a good standard. Rest assured we can assemble and fit your furniture to a high standard. And if required, we can also build you bespoke furniture to fit your needs.

Loft Ladder Installation

Have you recently moved into a new home that has loft space, yet you have no way of accessing the loft? Or maybe you’d like to turn your attic into a storage area and will need a convenient way of accessing it?

Installing a loft ladder is a simple solution that will allow you to maximise the space in your home. We can professionally install loft ladders for you and advise you on the best way to maximise your space.

Install Household Items

We’re happy to come into your home and fit toilet roll holders, mirrors, door stops, coat hooks, etc. We can source any new parts required for the job through our extensive network of trade contacts.

With items like mirrors, they can be very large and expensive. So why not take the pressure off of yourself and let the professionals get the job done quickly and safely.

Picture Hanging & Artwork Installation

It can be quite easy to drop your precious artwork when attempting to hang pictures or install artwork yourself. Alternatively, if you don’t properly set the hook in the wall correctly, you could damage it. Therefore, it’s best to hire an experienced professional and rest assured that the job will be done right the first time.

Painting & Decorating

We’re happy to take on small painting & decorating jobs. Whether you need internal work (ceilings, walls, woodwork), external work (fascia, gutters, render, windows), door stripping, timber resin repairs or you simply want to refresh your furniture. We’ll provide you with a complete professional finish.

Shelving & Storage Solutions

The skill in hanging and mounting secure shelves lies within the installation, regardless of the type of wall. We’ll assemble your shelf, polish it to perfection, and repair any damage to the walls during the fitting procedure – Whilst ensuring the shelve is perfectly level and secure in the location you desire. We can also help you solve storage problems with a variety of storage solutions.

Garden Sheds & Shed Bases

We can build you shed bases so that your new shed is kept level, sturdy and raised slightly above the ground. This not only prevents any problems developing due to movement, but also helps to avoid water damage caused by flooding. We can also help you assemble your shed. Magna Timber Works also provides many more outdoor woodworking services.

Fences & Gates

We know how to install and repair any wooden fence & gate, ensuring it will last you and your garden as for a long time. A sturdy wooden fence and gate is important when it comes to yards and gardens, as this is what provides privacy and creates designated spaces. It’s not an easy task to DIY and complete properly, that’s why you should seek out a professional.

PVC Fascia/Soffit/Guttering

It’s important that the exterior of your home is fully protected against the elements just as is the interior. Fascias, soffits and gutters may not be the most attractive feature of your house, but they play a crucial role in protecting your home from damage. We can help you protect your home by installing this for you.

Silicone Repairs

We can provide you with a professional sealing service to your baths, sinks and showers, ensuring you don’t have any issues in the future with mildew and fungus. It’s done cleanly and efficiently as to not disrupt your daily routine too much.

And Many More!

This list is not exhaustive, we provide many more handyman and property maintenance services. Get in touch today and see how we can help you.